July 26, 2012

Submit & Share

This is another 'Something New' in this blog. As an amateur-camera phone photo blogger, I'd like to see amazing photos or artwork by another bloggers. So, let's share your photo here, just for fun and self expression ;)

  1. Submit your original photo (100% your own artwork) from your camera phone, edited or not, here
  2. Selected photos will be posted in my blog (http://starsnapshot.blogspot.com/) and you’ll be notified & linked to your online page
  3. Put these in the caption: your name (including your blog name, twitter, or other online page), your camera phone type, edited or not, editing tools (if it’s edited), photo tittle (optional), email (won't be appeared)
  4. If you want to submit more than one photo, just send it to starsnapshot@gmail.com
  5. Submitted and posted photos only for fun sharing, without any commercial purpose, and won’t be used for anything but posted in this blog. Copyright belongs to the photographer itself.
  6. Please don't submit photo with negative purposes like pornography, racist, bullying, ect.

thank you for sharing with us, let me know if you have any suggestions :)

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