June 18, 2012

Deep Blue Sea

Sepanjang Beach
Gunung Kidul
May 2012

after all of fun we had at daylight..don't know why, but I (always) have different feeling when I came to beach at night, such a fear, because I'll never know how deep the sea is, how big it is, and felt that I just a little powerless human being in this big world, then realize there's nothing greater than Allah :')
love this sky's color tone, captured around the sunset

this is a shot before the sun goes down..
we could walk through the clear water, touch the corals and see dancing little fishes

Sepanjang beach is a highly recommended beach in Gunung Kidul among the other nearby beaches. It's not too crowded, clean, natural, beautiful, my favorite so far..

June 1, 2012

dry season

Around Jogjakarta

bright sunlight - Candi Gebang

shadows - Viola Hall, Kotabaru

grasses - Grand Puri Waterpark

swimming would be nice - Grand Puri Waterpark

or just lay down on the relaxing bench - Banyumili Resto

Thank God, I've been living in tropical country with only two (always) beautiful and comfort seasons :)
Never too cold and never extremely hot, warm and sometimes just cool enough, oh I love my country, Indonesia..
Now, we've been through dry season. When sun is shining a lot, but unpredictable rain sometimes fall
So, I think (like) summer activity would be nice for this whether. Go out and have fun !