April 24, 2013

Instagram; new account

Thanks for following this blog and my instagram account, please leave a message here if you want me to follow you back :)
And.. it's mean I have a new device beside my old mobile phone, still a mobile phone, but a bit better than the old one. So, for the next posts I would share my photos from my new and old mobile phone camera. Still and still, there are no photos from DSLR, SLR, pocket camera, or any other devices but mobile phone camera in this blog. Keep exploring with simplicity :)

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April 16, 2013

Kawah Putih

March 2013

This post is the sequel of my previous trip. Our next stop is Kawah Putih in Ciwidey. Beside Kawah Putih, we enjoyed Ciwidey so much, tons of photo session, fresh air, strawberries, tea field, Situ Patenggang, and more eyegasm views.

April 4, 2013

Cake and Coffee

Free curve in this 0404 Thursday, I named this Cake and Coffee.
I hope you enjoy your piece of cake and coffee :)