July 28, 2012

Special Cookies for Special Moment

Alhamdulillah, we've passed first week of Ramadhan. Idul Fitri's getting closer, preparation activities and traditions are about to come. Make our own cookies is one of my family tradition, to bond each family members, while waiting for adzan magrib. Don't ask me about how its taste, because its indescribably delicious, haha :D
Here's our special cookies for your special moment, Skippi...
(made from smashed nut with another best ingredients)
SKIPPI - the nut cookies
You can order this tasty cookie, and we'll make it by order, so.. fresh from the oven guys :)

Thank you, and wish me luck, heheh.

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July 26, 2012

Submit & Share

This is another 'Something New' in this blog. As an amateur-camera phone photo blogger, I'd like to see amazing photos or artwork by another bloggers. So, let's share your photo here, just for fun and self expression ;)

  1. Submit your original photo (100% your own artwork) from your camera phone, edited or not, here
  2. Selected photos will be posted in my blog (http://starsnapshot.blogspot.com/) and you’ll be notified & linked to your online page
  3. Put these in the caption: your name (including your blog name, twitter, or other online page), your camera phone type, edited or not, editing tools (if it’s edited), photo tittle (optional), email (won't be appeared)
  4. If you want to submit more than one photo, just send it to starsnapshot@gmail.com
  5. Submitted and posted photos only for fun sharing, without any commercial purpose, and won’t be used for anything but posted in this blog. Copyright belongs to the photographer itself.
  6. Please don't submit photo with negative purposes like pornography, racist, bullying, ect.

thank you for sharing with us, let me know if you have any suggestions :)

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July 18, 2012

Krakatau Trip

July 2012

Last weekend trip to Krakatoa was my first mountain climbing, exhausting yet exciting experience. We did a light hiking to the top of the child of Krakatoa Mountain, but that wasn't the only one excitement :)

Dermaga Canti
There were 2 boats ready to take us to the Krakatoa area.

the only place where we can order and eat rice with simple Indonesian menu

The Boat
Sit while sunbathing in the deck was a fun moment, even though we have to deal with waves. The boat's crew are very friendly and helpful.
Ripped flag :(

Indonesia Sea Area
Adoring and regretting Indonesian sea at the same time, beautiful but contaminated by less-responsibility human being with non-organic garbage :(

hills in a row
sailing boat
Snorkeling spot

The Island
In my opinion, these Islands are eyes-soul-gasm. Pretty, peaceful, natural, such a hiding paradise.

Sebesi Island
tree with sharp thorn in Sebesi
Umang Island - another snorkeling spot

Volcanic Krakatoa
After the most terrific eruption in 1883, now Krakatoa spoil us with beautiful view. In 1927 The child of Krakatoa appeared and now still 'growing' and expanding. In this volcanic island we could climb to the top of the child of Krakatoa mountain, and we did it in the early morning to see the sunrise.

my sister also write about this trip in her blog - here

Our way home..

farewell Bakauheni 

This trip getting more special because it's also a precious event called "Wanita Peduli Leukemia" (Women with Concern for Leukemia). We gathered to give support to Leukemia patient, esp Sarah. There were 2 speakers who gave us knowledge about Leukemia, and how to support them. They are Mr. Willy Kasakeyan and Mrs. Lydia Dumaiyanti from "Himpunan Masyarakat Peduli LGK" (Leukemia Granulositik Kronik). This organization helps people with leukemia get their right medicine in affordable price or maybe free. But, the other purpose is to create a supportive and positive group forum for Leukemia patients.

Get Well Soon Sarah :)
Mr. Willy & Mrs. Lidya spotted with two foreign tourists :p
Thanks everyone, and see you soon..

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July 10, 2012

Something New


After these years I've been posting only original photo from my mobile phone camera as I told you before in here. Now, I would like to present 'something new' that just crossed my mind. I have another passion in photo editing -even though just an amateur- and I've posted some of them in my tumblr. Then, I have an idea to post edited photo in here but I'll always put the original photo, so it still in the same track with the original concept of this blog. The original photo still would be captured with my mobile phone camera.

these are my first projects... Do I have to call it 'project'?

Coke - Pizza Hut
Wild Flowers - Kaliurang

Thanks for reading, see you in the next project..

keep original,
Anggreta Zanu

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July 3, 2012

Ancient Gray

June 2012

Welcome to Sangiran

animal hunter                               'Java Man'

Early Man Site

Sangiran is an archaeological excavation site on the island of Java in Indonesia. In 1996 it was accepted as World Heritage by the UNESCO. (these words from Wikipedia)
Who said that visiting a museum is a boring activity? Let's see after you try it once :)
Too bad that my camera phone doesn't have a flash light, so I couldn't capture good photos inside the museum with 'minimum yet dramatic lighting' :D