July 28, 2012

Special Cookies for Special Moment

Alhamdulillah, we've passed first week of Ramadhan. Idul Fitri's getting closer, preparation activities and traditions are about to come. Make our own cookies is one of my family tradition, to bond each family members, while waiting for adzan magrib. Don't ask me about how its taste, because its indescribably delicious, haha :D
Here's our special cookies for your special moment, Skippi...
(made from smashed nut with another best ingredients)
SKIPPI - the nut cookies
You can order this tasty cookie, and we'll make it by order, so.. fresh from the oven guys :)

Thank you, and wish me luck, heheh.

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  1. Wuih ,,,,,udah ada kue ,enak banget pastinya. Salam kenal ya.

  2. ohhh, they look delicious!!! Yummy!

    About your comment on my blog: I like sushi a lot, at the moment it's one of my favorite foods. But of corse it's hard to say if you'll like or not, here's what it tastes like: it has a delicate texture, the fish doesn't taste 'fishy', it tastes fresh and again, it's a delicate flavor. My favorite pieces are California rolls, which usually include avocado.

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  4. Aduh jadi laper. Kastengel favoritku! Too bad in Singapore is very hard to find. Thank u for dropping by dear. Love ur blog too. Im ur newest follower on gfc! Lets keep in touch


  5. wow looks so delicious :9
    thanks, semuanya kakak yang motret hehehe :D

  6. Yummy...

    Regards from Belgium

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