February 14, 2013

Ngobaran & Nguyahan

Gunung Kidul
February, 2013

We came here for my sister's pre-wedding photoshoot last saturday. That was our first visit except for my sister. So, now I saw it myself, the beach that everyone talking about, the Pura Kejawen, statues, white sand, cliff, waves, and yeah!

Then we walked to the right side of this beach, and we found another beauty, Nguyahan Beach :)

And you know what, 2 is not enough, we came to another beach, our family's favorite beach, and I'll posting it soon...

When love is in the air,
Happy Valentine's Day :*

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  1. mantaaf akurasi komposisi serta angle yang paz

  2. awesome photos! so sad i dont have any photoworks lately, so i just used my brother photograph hehe. maybe you must try to upload your curves and share them. cause i'm sure they must be great curves like julia's :)


    1. thanks for your support, and I shared my first 3 curves in the next post, I hope you like it :)

  3. So many gorgeous pictures on your blog ! Seriously, all of them were taken with camera phone ? You're talented :)

    1. yes, all photos in this blog taken with my camera phone, and without editing :) if they were edited, I always put the original photos beside them.

  4. thanks for your comments - Lovely blog you have here I am now a follower

    Kell @ My little corner of the internet

  5. great photos and are you sure its taking with your phone camera??
    too awesome!

    visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥