November 6, 2013

Horse Racing

'Easy' Recreation for Local People

Horse Racing Track
Sultan Agung Stadium
Bantul, Jogjakarta
November 3rd, 2013

This horse racing is an annual event for Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X Cup. Finest horses from all around Indonesia, raced to be the champions for several categories.
Horse racing isn't yet popular in my hometown (compared to Europe or America) but this kind of event always caught every local attention. They were filled the area enthusiastic, didn't feel hard sunlight and dusty air. They brought their family here, like something very interesting waiting for them. Too bad that the racetrack doesn't have enough facilities for the crowd, so they just watched the race from wherever they like without any rules, appropriate place, and prohibition. Perhaps, the authorities would found out how to make this horse racing track a lot better, and greater events would be coming soon.