November 3, 2010

Welcome to Starsnapshot

Why Starsnapshot? Yes, this blog contain photos captured by my Samsung S5230W Star Wifi which only 3.2 MP, nothing but for fun, not too serious. Without any retouch or crop, purely original. So, what those pictures could say to you? Enjoy please..
And would be my pleasure if you could share your Star Photos, Star lovers :)

UPDATE - May 2013

Since this post I have been posting pictures from another camera phone which is Sony Xperia Play with 5MP camera. So, I have 2 camera phones as my hunting partner right now.

Since this post Starsnapshot had something new to share my passion on photo editing. I've been sharing edited photo, but I'll always put the original photo, so it still in the same track with the original concept of this blog. The original photo still would be captured with my mobile phones camera.

Since this post I have been sharing free Photoshop Curves that can be downloaded free here.

I hope you love all of these updates. The star-snapshots still continue..


Anggreta Zanu


  1. aku punya samsung champ..sama 3,2 mp juga..bisa jadi bagus kyk hasil fotomu ngga dear ? ini bagus bgt ho foto2nya kyk pk dslr..:)

  2. thanks! *jingkrak-jingkrak*
    coba aja, kan sama tu sama Samsung Star-ku jg 3.2 mp, tinggal pilih-pilih effect, setting, cahaya yg cukup, object dan angle yang menarik, sedikit main feeling :D
    kalo kurang oke, bisa di-crop atau di-edit di photoshop misalnya. Tapi khusus di blog ini fotonya sengaja ga aku crop dan edit, asli hasil jepretan kamera hp.
    Selamat mencoba.. Let me know hasil fotonya ya, sip sip.

  3. oh my..

    love your pics..
    it makes me want o pack my bags and fly to jogja right away *sigh

    2013 may be ;)

    keep posting!!!
    please :)

  4. hello Azmi..
    Thanks for your appreciation, I'm glad that you like my pics. It gains my mood to keep blogging :D
    You should come to Jogja, I promise you always want to come back here, heheh.
    I checked your tumblr, nice postings there :)