July 18, 2012

Krakatau Trip

July 2012

Last weekend trip to Krakatoa was my first mountain climbing, exhausting yet exciting experience. We did a light hiking to the top of the child of Krakatoa Mountain, but that wasn't the only one excitement :)

Dermaga Canti
There were 2 boats ready to take us to the Krakatoa area.

the only place where we can order and eat rice with simple Indonesian menu

The Boat
Sit while sunbathing in the deck was a fun moment, even though we have to deal with waves. The boat's crew are very friendly and helpful.
Ripped flag :(

Indonesia Sea Area
Adoring and regretting Indonesian sea at the same time, beautiful but contaminated by less-responsibility human being with non-organic garbage :(

hills in a row
sailing boat
Snorkeling spot

The Island
In my opinion, these Islands are eyes-soul-gasm. Pretty, peaceful, natural, such a hiding paradise.

Sebesi Island
tree with sharp thorn in Sebesi
Umang Island - another snorkeling spot

Volcanic Krakatoa
After the most terrific eruption in 1883, now Krakatoa spoil us with beautiful view. In 1927 The child of Krakatoa appeared and now still 'growing' and expanding. In this volcanic island we could climb to the top of the child of Krakatoa mountain, and we did it in the early morning to see the sunrise.

my sister also write about this trip in her blog - here

Our way home..

farewell Bakauheni 

This trip getting more special because it's also a precious event called "Wanita Peduli Leukemia" (Women with Concern for Leukemia). We gathered to give support to Leukemia patient, esp Sarah. There were 2 speakers who gave us knowledge about Leukemia, and how to support them. They are Mr. Willy Kasakeyan and Mrs. Lydia Dumaiyanti from "Himpunan Masyarakat Peduli LGK" (Leukemia Granulositik Kronik). This organization helps people with leukemia get their right medicine in affordable price or maybe free. But, the other purpose is to create a supportive and positive group forum for Leukemia patients.

Get Well Soon Sarah :)
Mr. Willy & Mrs. Lidya spotted with two foreign tourists :p
Thanks everyone, and see you soon..

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  1. you had a great time there ,right? :D what a lovely pictures <3

  2. wow .. that's really an amazing shots !
    especially the sky and the sunshine
    I do love it ! Really love it :)
    photoblog too ? I love photoblogging.

    follow me? followed you : JanangelicaL

  3. really amazing photos as always! u really looks that u're really enjoyed the trip, it's look from how beautifully way take the photos! keep going and keepn inspiring.

    much love,

  4. thanks for your comment at my blog. yes jogja is a very nice place. i always miss the atmosphere of jogja hehehe. mind to follow each other? :)


  5. Once again, great photos! Love the captions of sea and sky!
    My Own Project

  6. Looks marvelous! Nice shots :-)

    hugs from NYC!

    can i know what camera did you use?
    i'm totally amazed with all of your photos!
    super love ♥ ♥ followed you! haha

  8. thanks for your device :) yes i've followed your blog :) actually, i use my brother's camera hehehe. it's canon eos 1000d :)


  9. seems like u had lots of fun <3
    follow each other maybe?


  10. saya juga abis dari krakatau sama bayu juga, bayu yg di foto lg megang kepiting diatas kapal itu, wah bisa samaan yaa :)

  11. iya kmren perginya sama kakikukakukaku jga, wah sayang ga sempet ngerasain masakanannya bayu dia aja ga masak dsana, dia skrg udah ga kribo lagi potong rambut dia hehe. saya baru aja abis dari sana tgl 14 des.