May 17, 2012

natural taste of 'Iwak Kalen'

Godean, Yogyakarta
March and May 2012

view from the table

natural interior

low price menu

fried wader fish, 'ca kangkung', and 'balado terong' (my fav)

mangut lele (my fav)

spicy smashed belut

fried uceng deri fish

fresh lemon ice

Healthy food, that contains a lot of vitamins and protein, not always expensive.
So, there are no excuses not to eat 'good food' because we can't afford it.

May 7, 2012

Tangerine Freshness

Random Place and Time

vintage sofa - my uncle's house

stairs - 'Shopping' Book Market

cherry on top - Eaton; Pejaten Village

kungpow noodle - rice bowl; Ambarukmo Plaza

imaginary wall - Fruit City Festival; Mekarsari

towel; my sister's

rural soil - Gunung Kidul

Just tried another 'effect' in my mobile phone camera :D