February 22, 2013


In this hectic week, Alhamdulillah it's far away from stress but only bring good mood all the time.
I share another curve called Airplane, I hope you like it :)

My cousin Difa, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

February 18, 2013

Free Curves

Hello people, happy Monday..
As my giant appreciation to you visitor, reader or follower, from now, I want to share something for you photoshop users. It's Curve for editing your photo to be more attractive, dramatic, catching attention. And, you could download these curves for free.

These are 3 first Curves that I like to share with you:

February 14, 2013

Ngobaran & Nguyahan

Gunung Kidul
February, 2013

We came here for my sister's pre-wedding photoshoot last saturday. That was our first visit except for my sister. So, now I saw it myself, the beach that everyone talking about, the Pura Kejawen, statues, white sand, cliff, waves, and yeah!

February 3, 2013

The Kalimilk

Januari 2013

I've posted about this place before (Milky Kalimilk), and got the highest page views in this blog :) and I think this place also got a huge successful outside my blog, one of the most favorite hangout spot in Jogja. After successfully run 2 places (called TKP), they came out with The Kalimilk. Spotted on one of the most well known street in Jogja, Kaliurang Street (known as Jakal), with more interesting concept. If you're in Jogja, you should come to this place. Follow their twitter @Kalimilk :)

Waiting Room