May 24, 2014


Godong Ijo
Depok, West Java
May 2014

Got this #fromwhereIstand hashtag from Instagram, and I like it more than #selfie :p
It doesn't mean that my feet are better than my face, or it does? Hmmmm..
Okay, last week I visited my sisters in Depok, West Java. I miss them so much, especially my super handsome nephews, Aira, Zeke and baby Genta. We had so much fun, and I already miss them now :( But, it's time for my feet to be your guide to the beauty I have found in Godong Ijo.

Galapagos tortoise and Iguana

Thank you :*


  1. aaaaaaaaa....foto-fotonya makiiiiiiiin ketjeh ketjehhhhh...
    sukses terus yaaaaa:))